Best Bluetooth Speakers: Guide To Selecting The Best Portable Speakers

89d3whrg4wegf4t4Bluetooth speakers are very popular today. Ever since their invention, a lot of companies have introduced different makes of Bluetooth speakers in the market. Some manufacturers of these devices focus putting as many features as possible on the device while keeping their prices low. Other manufacturers prefer to make premium products of high quality which are often expensive. Depending on your taste and preference, you can never miss a Bluetooth speaker in the market which can perfectly suit your needs. While there are varieties of Bluetooth speakers in the market, music lovers should be aware of the leading brands in the market which have received excellent reviews from customers.

List Of The Best Bluetooth Speakers

1. Fugoo

It is a miniature device that raises the bars. Weighing only a pound, the Fugoo Bluetooth speaker is very efficient and advantageous as far as its features are concerned. Fugoo is known to have an incredible battery life of up to 40 hours when the music is played at medium volumes. It also has a wireless range of 30+ feet. The device has received nice reviews following its excellent sound, durability and the variety of customization options it bears.

2. Harman Infinity One

Being one of the most expensive speakers in the market right now, the speaker is worth its price following the unique features it has. Harman Infinity one not only has the richest sound compared to other devices of similar interest but it also has all the modern features that a customer might desire in a Bluetooth speaker. The sound projection of the speaker is so powerful that it is widely used in conference calling.

3. Creative Muvo Mini

eif89usgw4egf43t43This speaker is highly recommended due to its low price. One might easily think that the manufacturers of the device were on a charity mission bearing the powerful features boasted by the speaker. The device has many feats which are present in their expensive counterparts. It has a breathtaking wireless range of 32 feet, with quite a good battery life and weatherproof abilities. It is the best Bluetooth speaker to go for when your budget is limiting.

4. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

The device can be used as the best example to indicate that size is not everything. With just 3.6 pounds of weight and small dimension, the device is capable of produced a very decent balanced sound. The speaker can double up as a voice recorder with a record-breaking wireless range of 40 feet.

In conclusion, several makes of Bluetooth speakers are available in the market. Interested clients should consider going for the best Bluetooth speakers in the market such as Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2, Creative Muvo mini, Harman Infinity 1 and Fugoo which guarantees them maximum effectiveness.