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Skybell Trim Plus Vs. Skybell HD: Which one is better?


Both Skybell Trim Plus and Skybell HD are both smart doorbells that are manufactured by the same company. These products have almost the same features. However, one is particularly better than the other in terms of some two or three features. So let’s take a look at skybell trim plus vs skybell hd and see which one is a better option.


dfgfdfghjRegarding size, the Trim Plus is more compact as compared to the Skybell HD. This makes a good option for you if you want a smart doorbell that has a smaller design. When it comes to the ease of installation, the Skybell Trim Plus is still better than the Skybell HD. This is also due to the smaller design of the Trim plus. A smaller design is very important for a couple of reasons.


First of all, the amount of current that doorbells usually consume is a bit high. Well, “high” is relative because we are talking about a device that is meant for your doorframe. For a standard doorbell that is like a push button buzzer, the Skybell HD doorbell consumes a high amount of current than the Skybell Trim Plus. However, the high amount of current that the Skybell HD consumes is justified because of the features that it has.


These features include motion alerts, video recording, and live streaming. It, therefore, functions more like a security camera than as an entryway buzzer. It is these features that make the Skybell HD take up more space. This is where the Skybell Trim Plus excels. In just a frame that is 1.39 inches wide, the Skybell Trim Plus has packed all of these features.

That’s not all; the Skybell Trim Plus has an optional battery power. This is a bonus feature that the Skybell HD does not have. This option will offer you flexibility if you don’t want a doorbell that is hard wired. However, if you choose this battery option, then you will have to be comfortable without the Live Stream feature. This is because live streaming can drain the batteries very fast.


sdfbgfdsdfgbApart from these two features that we have discussed, everything is just the same between the Skybell Trim Plus and the Skybell HD doorbell. One of the features that make the Skybell Trim Plus and the Skybell HD be better than other doorbell brands is their high-quality camera. So when it comes to which one is better, between Trim Plus and Skybell HD, then the Skybell Trim Plus is the better option.