How To Choose A Great Antivirus: Winning Ways

edu9ftrge4rg43t34With the dramatically rising number of internet users, the number of cyber-attacks has also gone up drastically. Viruses and malware are cleverly coded in a way even the most advanced computer users may not be able to detect. Once these programs get to the system, the infection can not only cause system failure but also makes access to sensitive data easy therefore very vulnerable to theft and destruction. Exposure to viruses and malware can be easily avoided by purchasing and installing the latest generation of antivirus that is best equipped to handling the rapidly evolving malware and virus codes. However, the challenge comes on how to choose a great antivirus. Provided here are winning ways on how to evaluate antivirus software before making a purchase:

Real-time protection

Any great antivirus solution should provide constant protection beyond on-demand scanning. The solution should be able to detect and eliminate bad programs and restrict the unknown from accessing your system by isolating them.


Not everyone that is using the internet is savvy with technical computer programs. If an antivirus solution requires special skills to operate, then it puts off users who do not have the time or resources to learn the entire process. A great antivirus solution ought to be user-friendly at all levels.

Quality of protection

reioogeiosfowwerg4erQuality Antivirus software needs to be fully functional in an aggressive environment without any significant impact on the computers’ performance. Effectiveness of malware and virus detection processes might require bonus features with the ability to;

  • Perform vulnerability scanning
  • Secure deletion of sensitive files
  • Wipe traces of computer and browsing history data
  • Provide cross-platform protection
  • Promptly detect and delete infections from the computer

For better clarity on which antivirus solutions that support these features, there are three vital areas you need to pay attention to:

1. Expert reviews

This is the easiest way to compare available antivirus packages, their prices, and their features. Expert reviews also avail more information on the manufacturers of the product with a clear outline on the pros and cons of that specific product.

2. User opinions

User opinions are very practical since they bear no bias towards a particular product but rather state their experiences on using a certain brand.

3. Independent testing

Testing agencies provide testing and ranking services for antivirus solutions according to protection, usability and performance criteria. That way you get a chance to know the capabilities of the antivirus you think is right for you.

Beware; whether you require cyber security for your small business, high profile company or personal data make an informed decision before you make any crucial decision.