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Guide on buying a cheap gaming laptop

Gaming laptops are not cheap, most of the decent gaming laptops we have in the market are above $ 1000. This can be a big discouragement especially if you are working within a strict budget. However, the budget limitation should not be a problem when buying a gaming laptop. There are still good gaming laptops out there even for those working on a tight budget. Look at a list of the best budget laptops for playing video games in 2017. The most important thing to know is the kind of features to look for when shopping for a gaming laptop. This will eliminate the stress of having to be a laptop that doesn’t suit your needs.

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You don’t need a touchscreen

Most gamers will agree that a touchscreen laptop is a waste of time and resources. As a gamer who is always on the gamepad, you don’t need a touchscreen. A touchscreen might be an ideal feature for business people who want to everything at the touch of the screen, but this is not necessary for a gamer. A gaming laptop with a touchscreen means more cost, and this is not what you need as a gamer.

A large screen size

As a gamer the bigger the screen, the better it is for you. The ideal laptop for gaming is around 17 to 18 inches. With this kind of laptop, you can be sure that you will enjoy all the features of the high-end gaming laptops but at a lower cost. If you are working with a low budget try and avoid the smaller screens like the 13-inch laptops because of they are expensive due to their small size and portability.

The keybo
ard is important

Even when trying to save cost by buying a cheap gaming laptop, there are some features that you should never compromise like the keyboard. The keyboard should be responsive and also comfortable. If you buy a laptop with a poor keyboard, then you will have a bad time gaming. The keyboard is one of the most important features for gaming laptops.


The processor of a gaming laptop is also very important. The latest technology will always give you better and stress-free gaming. For instance, you should consider buying the latest technology like Core i7 for your laptop. With this type of processor, you will be guaranteed that it will be compatible with the latest games.