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Everything you should know before buying an octave pedal

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Guitarists have always sought means to add some fun and thrill to their music. Have you ever tried using an octave pedal? Most popular guitarists and bassists use high quality octave pedals. Ideally, octave pedals are meant to increase or reduce the original signal. This is done to create a strong signal chain, clean and clear notes to pitch shift at the beginning of any signal chain. With the variety of octave pedal brands in the market, today’s musicians enjoy vast options. The unit chosen is often influenced by the player’s preferences and sound requirements. With this in mind, here are some factors to consider when choosing an octave pedal.

Sound qualitymusic ss

This is a rather subjective consideration to look for when choosing an octave pedal. The ability to balance between octave down and octave up features presents an essential factor to base your considerations. Other consideration like the overdrive, reverbs, or flanging should also inform your selection. Ideally, the guitar played and preferred sound are two of the most significant decision-influencing factors.


Most musicians are overly concerned about the size of their pedal boards. The size of the pedal boards is particularly crucial for musicians living in urban centers where public transportation are viable. If you have to travel for rehearsals or gigs, the size and weight of the pedal board should be a great concern. Thus, anyone with logistical challenges should go for octave pedals that are small in size.


octave bands 22The placement of the pedal board is often a tricky proposition considering that the patch cords should be routed correctly to maximize the available space. Considering that octave bands deliver best outputs when placed at the front end of the signal chain, they should be placed as close as possible to the instruments. In most instances, certain octave pedals necessitate a pedal board overhaul. Therefore, it is thus up to you to choose the right octave pedal.

Control layout

The best way to conduct live performances is to keep it simple. This serves to address the possibility of gear malfunctions and interruptions while performing a gig. Some octave pedals support multiple adjustments knobs, which are very useful in tweaking and cutting trucks. Similarly, this knobs can be disastrous is accidentally shifted in the middle of a solo gig. Also, pedals with small knobs pose a real challenge especially when you need to keep changing the settings.